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Q. How fit do I have to be and is trip for me? 
A. This trip is suitable for any kind of person who is moderately fit, no previous experience is required. To condition yourself for the trip, some physical fitness programs such as walking, running, swimming, and hiking are recommended before you embark on your journey. Any person suffering from a pre-existing medical condition or diseases must seek medical advice before considering any trip. Whilst on the trip, it is common to experience some discomfort before being fully acclimatized.

Q. What is the weather & temperature like in trip?
A. Weather in the mountains (Himalayas) is notoriously difficult to predict. At night it is generally cooler and warmer during the days, in winter (January and February) it will be a bit colder but the days can be quite beautiful and warm if the sun is out. There will be snow any time of year. It is also important to make sure that you can stay warm and dry in just about any conditions. Expect the unexpected! The temperature could be as high as 25 deg C to -15 deg C low.

Q. Can I charge my digital camera or other batteries on my trip?
A. These facilities will be available some places only in this trip as this is remote area trip in Nepal. But in Kathmandu and trip starting point, of course yes. Remember to bring your adapters!

Q. Is there any communication while we are on trip?
A. There are telephones in few villages along the routes from which you can make international calls.

Q. Can I use credit cards in the places visit in trip?
A. In most cities yes, to some extent, however once you leave those cities behind, you can only use cash.

Q. How much additional money do I need per day?
A. It all depends on your spending habits. 20 to 50 US$ a day will be enough to buy bottles of water, chocolates, souvenir shopping of local crafts if/when available and few drinks. You can buy these things only in certain town.

Q. Is the water OK to drink? Do I need to bring purifying tablets/filter?
A. Yes, better to have purifying tablets. But you can buy also mineral water in some village along the trial on your own. Please bring a water bottle to fill up purified water.

Q. What essential documents do I need to bring with me on tour?
A. *Valid Passport – must be valid for up to 6 months after you return from your tour, keep a separate photocopy with Nepal visa.
*Travel insurance, keep a separate photocopy
*Cash and Traveler’s Checks, keep numbers and proof of purchase separate
*Flight tickets
*Emergency contact numbers for T/C’s, banks, insurance, family contacts.

Q. Do you use yaks/porters on the trip or do we carry all of our own gear?
A. Whilst on the trip, our porter will take care of your luggage service as per “Price Includes” section. All you need to carry is your small day bag for your personal belongings like camera, water bottle, sun cream etc.

Q. What opportunities will I have for shower along the trip?
A. Yes you will have hot shower service in lodge depends on areas of your trek.